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Looking for a refreshing drink to quench your thirst? Look no further than our brand of bottled mineral water! With its crisp, clean taste and invigorating mineral content, our water is the perfect way to hydrate and rejuvenate your body.


Sidra Water fills your soul with fresh energy, replenishing the body with the necessary minerals required for hydration given the climate of Qatar.


Essential drinking water is purified through micro-filtration and reverse osmosis. Enhanced with pure mineralization and ozonation

Drink Sidra & start reaping its health benefits today

Enjoy it all in one bottle. These practical cups are your portable thirst quencher
Save more with this 1.5 Liters. Share to your family and friends, which is surely sufficient enough for gatherings or picnics.
Enjoy this handy thirst quencher, that once cold, it is perfect for your refreshment matching with a flawless shape you can carry anywhere.
Sidra cares for you and to everyone around you, comes in 5 gallon bottles, for the benefit and refreshment of all, may it be in your home or office.
Your Sidra water on a size that is fit for those people who are always on the get-go. This is the perfect water refreshment for your active lifestyle.​

Great new look and taste with Low Sodium

Sidra water is rich in essential minerals and has a refreshing taste that’s healthy for you. With its low sodium content, it’s the perfect drink for switching up your usual routine. It can be found at your hypermarket or local grocery store.

Our Water

Healthy Drinking Water for You & Your Family

Sidra drinking water is a convenient way to ensure your family is drinking water that’s safe and healthy. Why drink anything else?

Essential drinking water is purified through micro-filtration and reverse osmosis.

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Convenient and Phthalate free recyclable bottles ( not reusable )

Hydrates better and best available pH at 7.00

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